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Masters of modern classic art

This is the last painter who has estimated and has lifted classical canons of painting. Has mastered completely, professionally, historically and hereditarily, techniques of old school drawing. Thus has continued the tendency of the art-picturesque approach and understanding of the modern art goals to the highest degree. Unlike painful domination of abstract painting of XXI century and amateur photo-pop-art, which has led painting into the dead end. The master continues a line that has been interrupted by years of wars, revolutions and decline in culture and art. His works are that missing link to restoration of high art and the bridge to possible revival of painting of the future …

Art critic E. Bogolyubsky

Eugene Srebnitsky

+38 - 044 – 295 - 8701 (h)

+38 - 050 – 443 - 7431(c)

e-mail: sreb777@gmail.com

personal site: http://srebnytsky.com

Eugene Srebnitsky is the successor of the style of the classical European school of painting in the stream of spiritual and romantic symbolism. The artist’s techniques include easel and monumental painting, drawing and graphic art.

Eugene Srebnitsky specializes in the field of landscape, veduta, still life and portrait.

1. Was born in Kiev 06/21/1964.

2. Education

1990-1996 Private Arts’ Studio Internship with the best artists of Ukraine V.A.Reunov, Chernokapsky N.T, L.A. Morozov.
1982-1990 The National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Kyiv, Ukraine .
1978-1982 The Taras Shevchenko School of Art, Kyiv, Ukraine.
1974-1978 The Children’s School of Art #2, Kiev, Ukraine.


1998 - The National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture Competition Award for the conceptual design of the museum of modern art.

3. Solo Exhibitions

2007 - “The Best Contemporary Artists of Ukraine”. The representative office of the United Nation in Kyiv, Ukraine.
2000 - “Spiritual World of Eugene Srebnitsky” National House of Culture “Ukrainsky Dim”, Kyiv, Ukraine.
1998 - Selected work - classic landscape, still life Gallery “Lavrsky dzvony” Kyiv, Ukraine.
1996 - Selected work - veduta, compositions, portraits Gallery “Gremium”, Bratislava, Slovakia.
1996 - “The Best Modern Ukrainian Artists”. Easel painting, graphics The representative office of “Phillips”, Kyiv, Ukraine.
1995 - Selected work – easel painting, graphics Gallery “Ancient Kyiv” Kyiv, Ukraine.
1994 - Selected work - painting, drawing, copies of the impressionists Private mansion of patron of the art Rita Polak, Haifa, Israel.
1993 - “Ancient Bratislava”. Selected easel painting, veduta, graphics. House of Culture “Vesna”, Bratislava, Slovakia.

4. Group Exhibitions

1990-2008 Permanent participant of the Biannual Ukrainian National Exhibition of the National Artists’ Union of Ukraine. Selected works of classical painting, graphic, drawing, landscape, veduta, composition, portrait.
1997 - “Nude – 97 “. Selected art work - painting, drawing. The Art Gallery “Mystets” of the National Artists’ Union of Ukraine.
1996 - All-Ukrainian Art exhibition, House of Artist. Kyiv Ukraine.
1995 - Yong Artist’s Exhibition. Selected art work – landscape, composition Gallery “36”, Kyiv, Ukraine.
1995 - All-Ukrainian Art exhibition, House of Artist. Kyiv. Ukraine.
1994 - All-Ukrainian Art exhibition, House of Artist. Kyiv Ukraine.
1993 - All- Ukrainian Art exhibition, House of Artist. Kyiv Ukraine.
1991 - Art Gallery of the Kyiv Art Union. Selected painting, graphics.
1990 - Yong Artist Exhibition “Spritual Treasures of Ukraine” Gallery “Lavra”, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Professional membership

1990 - The beginnings of the art career were humble indeed.
1994 - present The Member of the National Artists’ Union of Ukraine.

5. Documentaries about the life and oevre of the artist.

“Artist Eugene Srebnitsky”. Documentary. National TV Studio of Ukraine “Ukrtelefilm”,Videotape. Kyiv, Ukraine, 1998. Director N. Danilenko.
“Eugene Srebnitsky”. Documentary. Videotape. Studio “Fares”, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2000. Director L.Fokina.

Current Gallery Representation

For the year 2008 – 2009.
The United Nation Representative Office in Ukraine. Kiev, Ukraine.
Exhibition at the First Private museum of Ukrainian Icons.
Exhibition at the “MIRO” Gallery, Check Republic.
Personal exhibition at the Art Gallery of the National Art Museum of Ukraine.


National Art Museum Of Ukraine.
Gallery “ Pechersk”, Kyiv, Ukraine.
Gallery “Gremium”, Bratislava, Slovakia.
National Art Center “Ukrainsky Dim”.
The artist’s works are kept in private and corporate collections of the Ukraine, Austria, Germany, The United Kingdom of Great Britain, France, Israel, Slovakia, Canada and USA.

"Eugene has been waiting for his big, glorious and outstanding life journey. All his creative arts are festive. His paintings have a strong internal energy and magnetism. Every painting has a spirit which makes life more beautiful."

Vasil Lopata, Honored artist of Ukraine and Shevshenko laureate, designer Ukrainian currency. 2000.

"It is art with a realistic and very deep understanding of life, this artist is an aristocrat. His art is truly European and very valuable."

Art historian E.Bogolubskiy 2006.

"These artworks are of unprecedented depth and originality unheard of in the art of contemporary Europe.”

Art critic Natalie Pasdeloup. 2006.

The majority of the artworks were painted within 2-3 years time frame each, nevertheless some took up to 8 years to complete.
Yevgeni Srebnitsky have amassed more then 40 large scale (10-12 meters) preparatory painted studies for the paintings based on biblical subjects up to the present moment. Traditional subjects like ”Annunciation”, ”The Last Supper”, “In the Garden of Gethsemane” and so on have had received unique and highly original treatment never seen before in the world art. Current lamentable state of Ukraine’s culture and estimated high production costs of the project are major impediments in realization in this artistic endeavor. Therefore a highly selective search of backers as well as suitable hosting location is on the way to ensure the project’s realization.
c is considered as leading fine artist in Ukraine as well as one of the top 10 European artists by such important art collectors and art critics as:
- I.S. Karpov, art collector; N. Pasdeloup, art critic (France); N. Saenko, art historian; V. Lopata, Laureate of State Prize named after T.G.Shevchenko, State honored Artist of Ukraine, developer of the look for national currency; I. Bondarevskaya, art historian; I. Gorbacheva, doctorate in art history; L. Morozov, painter; N. Kocherezhko, painter; Doctor M. Smolak (Miro Gallery, Germany).

Here is the list of upcoming painting series:

- Castles of France
- Holy Israel
- Living New York
- Classical Paris
- Venice of the Doges
Uniqueness of the artist lays in his most rare ability in discovering of the secrets of old masters and applying highly successfully of this knowledge in creating of the true works of art. He possess brilliant technique which allows him works with utter ease and speed in any canvas size.
Yevgeni Srebnitski works with equal mastery in different genres and styles while creating world class paintings.

References for Eugene Srebnitsky

- V. Lopata, Laureate of State Prize named after T.G.Shevchenko, State honored Artist of Ukraine.
- I. Bondarevskaya, art historian.
- I. Gorbacheva, doctorate in art history.

European Classical Art Workshop “Golden Art”, 2007 г.