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Masters of modern classical art

Artist Eugene Srebnitsky.

The beginning of XXI century… Much has changed in comparison with the past in a modern fine art of our country, Ukraine.

The role of an artist, relevancy of his persona, his right to freedom of creation, raises sharper social and moral problems.

Many styles and directions in a fine art are existing and developing in parallel, but the genuine painting is that in which one of existing features of the artist-creator--connection of classical stylistics of his works with features of the romanticism--is distinctly shown, united with belief in nobleness and beauty of a human nature, when in figure made with the highest professionalism, clarity of plastical forms coexists with romantic effects of lighting.

We find all this in remarkable works of modern Ukrainian artist Eugene Srebnitsky, who has directed all his brilliant skills and creative temperament toward making of paintings and reflections on painting. The artist-thinker wakens thoughtfulness in minds of modern audience. Still-life, portraits, landscapes, genre works - all are presented in his work. Chamber portraits are full of delicate psychological characteristics. The romanticism in the depiction of nature is combined with realism. All his works represent “the principle of aesthetic romanticism”, i.e., romanticism, in which the main emphasis is shifted from ethical to spiritually-moral.

Engaged in a spiritually-aesthetic life of bible people, the master writes pictures on bible themes – “Moses”, “The Song of Songs”, “Escape to Egypt”… Themes from the Holy Scriptures are represented in ancient Eastern style, however, not ethnographically straight, but loftily, not to mention his extraordinary creative freedom in interpretation of the stories, which show all the depth of the artist-philosopher, and his great gift of monumental painting.

Eugene Srebnitsky's art works also prove that even ingenious work in sketches could be a significant word in art. All works of the master testify that he is a genius of synthesis of the universal art, which is interpreted as some kind of encyclopedia of searches of spiritual steps of growth of historical consciousness of a person and the mankind.

I would call Eugene Srebnitsky one of geniuses who are resolutely becoming people of the future, sacrificing themselves to the truth, and having come closer to it, are not afraid to act with selflessness of youth. All his works are the institute of painting for future generations of art masters, like works of Raphael, Michelangelo, Velasquez and other great masters.

The artist has something to say regarding the plain-air art concept. In the landscapes written on open air, Eugene Srebnitsky skillfully shows his force and the beauty and intensity of nature colors. And most importantly, he does not split up the image in a pursuit of instant impression, of accuracy of details, but keeps synthesis which is such an important feature of classical art. Each his landscape is harmonically clear, whether it represents a single tree, open seas, or a city landscape. This is majestic world; however, it is shown in all real richness of the light-air environment, as if you would feel a smell of a grass, or fluctuations of hot air.

In the same harmonious mutual relation with environment the master represents female nude, showing remarkable synthesis of creator and creation, harmony of color and light, composition and voice-frequency rhythm, and also showing evolution in understanding of color: from half-light, through pure, bright, intensive colors, up to the refined color scale of portraits, showing the world of things as dissolved in diffused light of day and in wholesomeness of his art pieces. The artist loves the world of things, describing with a great delight every detail, poeticizing everything.

It is possible to speak about Eugene Srebnitsky’s art works a lot because they made with the highest skill and radiate attractive spiritual light of love. It is wonderful that the great master’s spiritually-aesthetic light of love has been born by his mastery and pleases hearts and souls of fans in Ukraine and all countries around the world, inspiring Eugene himself to create new masterpieces of world art. Those who have an opportunity to acquire his works, become happy owners of greatest, eternal art masterpieces.

Having been excited about Eugene Srebnitsky’s works, I have not said anything about the author. Excuse me, please, my dear readers, and let me correct this.

Eugene Srebnitsky was born June, 21st, 1964 in the city of Kiev. He has received his initial art education at the Republican Art School. He furthered his education at the Kiev Architecture and Fine Arts Academy. In 1990 Eugene Srebnitsky has finished the Academy, and Art has embraced him and made him fall in love with Her forever! She has led Eugene across the Europe, showing originals of the best masters of world art. Eugene’s spiritual person is reborn there; and the artist-thinker is born. The master works a lot, arranges exhibitions in Europe, Israel, in his homeland - Kiev, Ukraine (1990-2007).

In 1990 Eugene Srebnitsky becomes a member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine. His art works are at the private collections in Ukraine, Israel, France, Spain, Slovakia, Canada and America.

Two documentary films have been created about Eugene Srebnitsky. The first has been made in 1998, the second - in 2000.

In 2002 he tries himself in design, in 2003 as the artist-director, participates in creation of movie “Yolka” ("Fur-tree").

But Eugene Srebnitsky is a painter and art does not allow him to depart from herself neither to the left, nor to the right. Only Her, only with Her, and only about Her... And this happens century after century with those to whom She opens treasury of Her knowledge!

Now artist Eugene Srebnitsky prepares for a large personal exhibition “Neo-revival of the art of painting in the XXI century”, which will be shown in the National Museum of Arts of Ukraine, to please the audiences, fans of true art, with his new masterpieces.

With pleasure we are looking forward to meeting you, dear readers, at Eugene Srebnitsky’s exhibitions. I wish to thank you, Eugene, for your love for painting, that you have not stepped back during trying times, that you held fast and thus acquired a great power of world-level master’s spiritually-ethical philosophy, that you revive technique of old masters by working meticulously and laboriously every day, by carrying out your unique researches.

Art critic Irina Shpakovskaja
Art critic Elena Bondarevskaja 2007